Seven Reasons Why I Read Books

Have you ever wondered what started your obsession with books? I’m asking that while assuming that you’re a book collector or reader like me. For me, I did wonder. For the recent decade, books becomes an important part of my life. I list the book/s I wanted to buy even though I still have unread books in my room, I photo shoot books and suddenly became a bookstagrammer, I collect the best editions I could find, I sell or donate books, I research about books I should be trying to read and now I’m blogging what seems to drive me to keep on doing these things. And so, I come up with seven reasons why I read books…

I believe books are not just props.

I started realizing that I should be reading a lot of books again when my eyesight becomes poorer each year. I thought, Someday, maybe I’ll just go blind. And that someday, could happen weeks after I thought about it. Maybe through an accident? Or… if I’m not lucky, I’ll be almost blind even before I hit 50. So, I asked myself: What am I doing with the books I owned? Are they just props? Did I just bought them to show off online? No. I refuse to believe that. And so, I reminded myself #booksarenotprops they are not for collecting dusts either. Every Sunday I read a book. I called it my Reading Day. Unknown to me, that will trigger my reading habit.

It’s my source of entertainment.

I enjoy reading because of (typical reasons) 1) I could dive in to a new world and 2) learn from it the things I might never find through Google. Despite that, I cannot just focus on it all the time. I’m not happy with the thought that I cannot go offline. That I’m used to having the Wi-Fi on and my phone in my hand. It’s like what? My oxygen? My life support? Sad, But true. I already have this bad habit of sleeping late while my cell phone is just near me. And my classic excuse is that it’s my alarm clock, so it should be there next to my bed. And that, when I cannot go to sleep I’ll just scroll to my social media accounts just to make myself sleepy (when in fact, I knew that is not the right thing to do). I would like to think that someday I’ll be able to overcome this very bad habit. So, I read books to distract myself, and hopefully, to sleep well.

I want an offline (me) time.

I’m the type of person who just wanted a peaceful day where I can recharge in order to go back to work in full 100% yet sometimes it was hard to achieve due to a lot of distractions. But I realize, if I didn’t decide to turn off my computer or phone. Or if I didn’t choose not to watch a KDrama or not to download Netflix, then my energy will end up being drained. So I schedule my offline time and tried sticking to it every end of the day just to “breathe” and to love the quiet life for awhile.

I’m a hoarder but also a reader.

There was a post on Facebook that says, HOARDING BOOKS AND READING BOOKS ARE TWO DIFFERENT HOBBIES. And I agree. I just didn’t realize that I could end up doing just one hobby if I was not reminded by that post. Soon, I decided to keep on reading the books that I owned so I can enjoy the reward I also set to myself if I keep on reading, and that is to buy books again. At first, I just hoarded anything that I can afford, until finally, I realize I needed to be wise in spending my money. And as the year 2020 comes, I set a goal of only owning the books that I love and probably will reread.

I wanted to keep on unhauling.

And with that goal stated above, I started unhauling or sorting the books that I will love and keep in my room. The people who know me were often confuse or amaze on how I could give up a lot of books. And I tell them: “It’s fine. I won’t be reading them because it’s not for me. I hope you’ll like it.” or “I already read it before and forgot the entire story but I think you’ll like it.” I felt good when my old books found a new home.

I wanted to influence a lot of people to read books or go back to their reading habit.

Yet despite saying this I knew it’s still hard to influence someone to read books. The sad truth is, I cannot ask or even beg anyone to read a book, only they can decide on that by themselves (but hey, it’s worth a try). I watched booktubers who can influence other people all over the world by sharing the books they enjoyed or even hated. Love and hate can do that. It triggers our curiosity to the point that it’ll cost us money.

I believe that reading is a skill.

I don’t have any talent in creating an artistic work: such as drawing or painting. And I believe it will be hard for me to learn how to play a musical instrument or even excel in any sports. But I love words and I like studying their effects. With this in mind, I considered reading as a skill or talent, too. Which is why not everyone will be willing to invest in their time and effort on this. We were just taught about the basics of reading at school but developing it is of our own accord.

If you read this blog post try asking yourself: Why do you read a book? Share your answers with me if you like. Don’t be surprise if it’s similar to mine or with people that you know. Just keep on remembering your reasons and I’m sure you’ll get back or develop your reading habit.

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